WatchmeX - Watchmen Xtreme - is a comic book, made by DC in 80s and 90s.

WatchmeX is continuation of Watchmen, graphic novel and comic book made in 1987. WatchmeX were popular mainly in 90s, during Rob Liefeild run on the series.

The book lasted 5 volumes. Unfortunately, WatchmeX didn't survive comic book crash in 90's and ended with #40 (volume 5) in February 1999. However, it has achieved a cult status for its eXtreme storytelling.

WatchmeX begins immediately after the end of Watchmen and brings Watchmen characters back into main DC continuity.

DC has announced plans for a modern "updating" of WatchmeX for 2010, to coincide with the release of the Watchmen II motion picture. Rob Liefield will be providing covers.