Dramedian ajustleader

The Dramedian, or Eddie Fake, is an imperfect clone of the original Comedian. He first appearing in a minor role during The Clone Saga, having been created by Veidt in an effort to toy with the loyalties of Silk Spectre II. He was eventually found out, and seemingly killed off-panel by the revived original Comedian.

He resurfaced as a relatively minor antagonist in later issues of WatchmeX, most prominently in the Five Minutes to Midnight arc. It is gradually revealed that the Dramedian's mind and body were warped by his rushed cloning, causing his body to go into a hybernetic state shortly after the events of Five Minutes to Midnight. Still seeing much untapped potential in this specimen, Veidt froze the Dramedian's body in an attempt to preserve him for further study.

Roughly six months after his initial freezing, a power outage caused Eddie to wake from his forced slumber. In a blind rage he smashed Veidt's lab and escaped. In all appearances after this, the Dramedian is distinguished from the Comedian by a pronounced goatee, chalk-white skin, and bizarre speech patterns. His smiley-face button is usually turned upside down (although to save time some artists simply drew a frowny-face button instead).

Note: The Dramedian's post-Five Minutes to Midnight transformation appears to be a deliberate joke upon WatchmeX readers habit of referring to the character as "the Bizarro Comedian."