During Volume 2 of WatchmeX, a daring storyline was crafted that expanded on the possibility of duplication inherent in the Hall of Souls as well as Doctor Manhattan's extra-dimensional qualities. During this arc, a number of characters from the original Watchmen graphic novel were cloned, resulting in a host of new cast members - thus the informal title, The Clone Saga.

The most enduring characters introduced during the saga were Ben Kovacs, Lady Manhattan, and The Dramedian; however, other characters from this storyline remain popular:


Sarina Kovacs

Sarina Kovacs - A female Rorschach. Believed to have been introduced as a ploy to attract female readers to WatchmeX. However, the blue-and-purple design of her mask proved controversial with fans, and to casual readers the color scheme only compounded the rumors surrounding Rorschach's sexuality. Regardless, Sarina has a small cult following and is considered by many to be one of the more deep and interesting characters of WatchmeX.


Day Eagle's most popular arc during the Clone Saga, in which he fought Blight-Owl, "Blight and Day"

Day Eagle - Created in an effort by Ozymandias to make a more "competent" version of Dan. Veidt went as far as making this iteration handsome, muscular, confident, and extremely virile. He became so self-absorbed that he ultimately challenged Veidt's authority, coining the now-popular nickname "Ugly-man-dias" in the process. Veidt defeated Day Eagle by forcing the clone to stare in a mirror, at which point he became paralyzed by the sight of his own beauty. He is assumed to have eventually died of starvation.

It was rumored that he would return for the Robot Invasion arc, but the idea was quickly axed by the editor, and the character hasn't been seen since.

Radioschach- During the Clone Saga, the WatchmeX crew was struggling to make ends meet and had to resort to licensing and advertising. Radioshack was one of the only companies that agreed to sponsor WatchmeX, as the then-current CEO was a huge fan of the original graphic novel. Almost all of his dialogue was an advertisement for the company he was named after. Radioschach is a clone of Inkblot, and he eventually met his end at the hands of Ben himself. Even though he wasn't a particularly popular character, his death was one of the most surprisingly sad deaths in all of WatchmeX.  His most famous quote "Not even in the face of price cuts. Never compromise." is rumored to be engraved in the desk of former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.


Radioschach fighting aliens