Russian Bear fan art

Major Ursa, better known as Russian Bear, is a former member of the October Guard. After being poisoned by his political enemies, MajorGeneral Kodiak of the KGB had his brain transferred into a body created by Acción Mutante, one designed specifically to be a counterpart to Bubastis. Half genetically engineered super-bear and half cybernetic killing machine, Russian Bear is superior to his American counterpart in every way. Russian Bear has only had limited appearances in the comic, but he was present when Propaganda shot Inkblot. Beyond this Russian Bear had failed to have any substantial bearing on the story line before the cancellation. Despite his rank and tactically superior mind, he is often ignored by his teammates due to the inability of his bear mouth to form coherent words. After the October Guard disbanded, Russian Bear went back to Moscow with the intent of becoming Premier of the USSR. This was his last appearance, but he has been mentioned several times and is rumored to be the shadowy figure Nixon is conversing with on the phone at the end of the last issue.