One odd piece of fan speculation centers around whether or not Rorschach is gay. There certainly is no end of evidence for either camp, and the implications of it one way or another could very well have affected Endgame scenarios.

Nite Owl IIEdit

Rorschach has been written time and time again as a close friend to Dan, including an awkward handshake in the original Watchmen as well as some more implied subtext in WatchmeX.

One particular scene which has many convinced was the shirtless escapades, where Nite Owl II had to fight off a roving band of vengeful super-mutants in civilian clothing, continuously losing pieces of his outfit along the way, until he was down to tactful placement of scenery. Rorschach had several interesting panels where he appeared to be gazing over Dan's rippling muscles impassively, and one edited panel where he was distinctly pointing his gaze down.

Rorschach also patched his partner up after many serious fights, and can be seen not only removing his armor, but also handling him without the glove barrier.

In the Christmas special, Rorschach can be seen wearing one of Dan's cardigans. This was regarded as being placed sometime before the events of Watchmen, as the issue came out during the Rorhattan arc.

Silk Spectre IIEdit

However many people who disagree with this point out that Rorschach has time after time been written as a possible love interest for Laurie. This has not discouraged those who believe this as it's often written up as being writers trying to cover-up any homosexuality in a character, considering WatchmeX was written during a time such characterization could be seen as a negative impact.

As proof of their planned hook-up, one need only present The Talk, where Rorschach was presented with a fistful of neon, 'Veidt Pure Passion' brand condoms. These have been a recurring motif, showing up in his old apartment, on the deck of Archie II, and in Laurie's nightstand. Their connection with Rorschach is obvious.

Dr. ManhattanEdit

It is important to note that while Rorschach did - ostensibly - have to orbitally penetrate (described as "skull fuck[ing]") Dr. Manhattan in their epic battle, he did so only because he "had no choice.  It was universe or dick in brain."  Rorschach later tells Dan that he did not enjoy the act, even though he was able to achieve orgasm.

This explanation, however, does not explain why Rorschach did not simply use the vaguely phallic piece of pipe that had been very conspicuously resting nearby for the entire fight sequence.