Propaganda in his trademark red overcoat.

Rorschach's Soviet counter-part, Propaganda, was a founding member of the October Guard. He first appeared in Red Star over New York. Propaganda is mostly known for killing the fan-favorite Inkblot.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

True to his namesake, Propaganda had the ability to deceive people into doing his bidding via thought-control. This ability was never fully explained in the comic, although it was implied that the power was the result of a gadget concealed in his mask, and not a natural ability. Conversely, some people have taken the hint to suggest that like Rorschach, Propaganda had a fixation with his mask, and could not use his powers when he was "not Propaganda" - IE, not wearing the mask.

He is an above-average level athlete and prefers weapons over fists. In many film clips and posters, Propaganda was seen holding a hammer and sickle, although in truth, he only used those items to execute opponents on camera; he vastly preferred a trench knife.