The Proletariat is the Russian equivalent of The Comedian.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Similar to a famous Communist worker known for always smiling in the photos taken of him whether he was showing up early or leaving long after his coworkers had returned home, the Proletariat was a surviving soldier of the Russian resistance in World War 2, and then later a Stalingrad police officer who did all he could for the glory and power of the state. The ideal Russian worker, he was always happy to be working for the betterment and protection of his people and country. His grin and dedication served as an inspiration to those workers who would doubt the system, reminding them that the workers are the backbone of socialist society. When he was caught sabotaging German equipment, a field general of the Nazi army carved a smirk onto the left side of his face to mock the smile "he wore while betraying the one true people." Today he serves as a member of the October Guard in whatever capacity they need, be it as Stalin's only trusted body guard or an enforcer in Western Germany, and he does it all with a smile.