Ozymandias, also known as Adrian Veidt, is a retired super hero that first made his appearance in the graphic novel Watchmen. In WatchmeX he serves as the president of the United States and as a council member on the Global Superhero Alliance. A financial genius and 'World's Smartest Man", he has funded his own Super hero team, the Watchteens. (Note: These Watchteens are not to be confused with the alternate universe teenage Watchmen seen in Five Minutes to Midnight.)

The Ozymandias from the Watchmen book is later revealed as a clone (made by Lex Luthor) of the original Ozymandias, alias Adrian Alpha. Thus, the Adrian in fact never really unleashed a giant squid on New York. After death of the clone The Divine Power, which is never explained later in the book, wakes Adrian Alpha up from sleep.

Adrian Alpha is later killed in volume 3, but the Hall of Souls is used to make a new Ozymandias, called Adrian Beta. A lot more other Adrians are created then, each one after the death of the previous one. The latest Ozymandias is called Adrian Aleph. After his death, no other Adrian is created.

His son, Ozymandias II, now carries on the crime-fighting mantle.