The October Guard is a Russian super team consisting of the Soviet counter-parts of the Crimebusters. They first appeared in the WatchmeX story Red Star over New York and the members of the October Guard make cameos in Red Sunrise.

Members and their parrallelsEdit

New October GuardEdit

With Dr. Kremlin dead and Rasputin missing, the October Guard disbanded. Proletariat and Silk Shadow began to work solo acts. Propaganda was the only one wanting to reform the October Guard. Propaganda began searching all over the Soviet Union for powerful Russian warriors. Propaganda recruited by force, even if it meant using his power to influence. Proletariat and Silk Shadow refused his offer, even when he used his mind control. This leads some to suspect that Rasputin implanted anti-mind control chips in his team-mates. After a long search, Propaganda finally formed his team. He appointed himself leader of the new team and began his revenge by reactivating the Watchmechs.