Veidt Brand CondomsEdit

Although naturally overtly sexual in nature, condoms are only seen in use in the cape community. Condoms provide coverage and safety, a barrier between 'full' intercourse and the consequences. Much like the masks, the condoms offer protection. Depiction of condoms, either used or in their wrappings, was particularly important in an era fraught with AIDS and the recent increase in accessibility of abortion clinics. Like the danger of AIDS, vigilantism provided its share of risks to the safety and security of the individual and their family, and adopting that barrier was a way of lessening the risk while still enjoying the fruits of the labor.

Rorschach has been seen most frequently in juxtaposition of condoms, not only as an outspokenly anti-sexual individual, but also a purported individual. Although marketing condoms to heterosexual couples began in this era, it was more common to see them use in the gay communities, adding additional subtext to the work.


The conception of cloning was confirmed in interview with writer Insert Name as a reflection on the integrity of the persona, and as a larger question of identity integral both to the shifting era, and to the interplay between masks and faces.