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Manny Manos is a Welsh comic-book writer, and the most prolific contributor to WatchmeX lore, altogether penning more than half of all stories told in the universe. Apart from WatchmeX, Manos was a contributer on the commercially unsuccessful, but critically touted New Tales of the Ambush Bug and Grindhouse Goreman titles published by Vertigo.

‹I like stuff! Mix lot of it together, throw in some explosions and it's usually fun to read!›
—Manny Manos sums up his creative process., Wizard Magazine (2003)
‹I don't hate him.›
Alan Moore delivers rare praise

In his spare time, Manny enjoys playing Bocce Ball, and soccer hooliganism. He is reportedly "good with a pair of bolt cutters."


When the WatchmeX miniseries "A Normandy in Time" became one of the top-selling titles of 1996, Panini Comics filed suit against Manos, claiming that the miniseries was based on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's treatment for the unproduced "Battletide III," miniseries, which they now owned. The suit was dismissed in March 1997 when Panini was unable to produce a copy of the outline following a tragic fire in the former Marvel UK offices that destroyed its business archives and much of the film library.

Manos, Abnett and Lanning have all denied any connection between the two miniseries, then gone off to play bocce ball, laughing.