When Doctor Manhattan began to worry about his sanity and his possible threat to mankind, he developed the Manhattan Bullets. Manhattan Bullets were designed specifically to harm, or even kill, Doctor Manhattan. Manhattan is shown giving a considerable sum of them to The Comedian, but there have been mentions of other characters, such as Nite Owl II, possessing bullets. Rasputin is even said to have one, but this may simply be a bluff for strategic deterrence reasons.

Following the events of the The Clone Saga, The Comedian went on a hunt to kill all of the clones. He used these bullets to take down dangerous Manhattan clones like Lady Manhattan. Some non-powered people were killed by these bullets as well, including Twilight Wing. It is unknown whether the Manhanttan Bullets simply atomize those they come into contact with or erase them from them from the timeline completely, as victims of the bullets are rarely mentioned again. The Manhattan Bullets have become a trademark of the Comedian and he often threatens villains and the occasional hero with these powerful bullets.