God is Red was a planned miniseries that intended to chronicle Dr. Kremlin's career, but never made it to print. However, many leaked plans can be found all over the Internet, allowing dedicated fans to piece together a coherent timeline.

Kremlin's CreationEdit

Following the crushing defeat of the Communists in Vietnam thanks to the American Dr. Manhattan, the Soviets knew they had to create a counter-weight if they wanted to continue to threaten the United States and remain a world superpower. They conducted a series of experiments to this end, attempting to replicate the accident that had created Manhattan. After going through a number of test subjects without success, they were beginning to have second thoughts on the project when an American spy blew up their laboratory. A security guard named Yuri attempted to stop the sabateour, and was caught in the explosion. Despite attempts to restart the project, the damage was deemed too great and the scientists lost hope. However, to their amazement Yuri returned as a glowing red man, possessing all the powers of Dr. Manhattan. Dr. Kremlin was born.