Galahad was a British superhero inspired by Ozymandias. He was originally introduced early on in the series as an explorer named Alistair Dark. He became Galahad toward the end of the series in hopes of starting the new title, Watchmex: Europe. Because Galahad was such a unlikeable character, the series was cancelled.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

After November 2nd, Alistair Dark decided to become an explorer. He used his fabulous wealth to travel the world. In his travels he trained in mind and body. Even though he never reached Ozymandias's level during his years of training, he still had world renowned skills. He would often appear on the sidelines of battles in many story arcs. Sometime during his travels he obtained super advanced technology through unknown means and he gained the ability to break the fourth wall. Most of the other characters assumed that he went mad during his travels. His knowledge of the fourth wall and his advanced technology was to be explained in "Watchmex: Europe". His poor sense of humor and his knowledge of the fourth wall did not fit in with the rest of the cast. Occasionally his travels would be used as between story arc filler.

In Volume four, he became Galahad. He briefly served on The Global Superhero Alliance before they disbanded shortly after his joining. His most famous adventure was when he tried to kill The Dramedian. Galahad had never met The Dramedian before, but he knew of his heinous acts. When he approached the The Dramedian, The Dramedian pulled his gun and fired at Galahad. Since Galahad was still a novice when it came to catching bullets, his hand was blasted off. In a last ditch attempt by the writers to make fans feel sympathetic for Galahad, his hand was replaced with a robotic claw and his daughter was raped. Unfortunately fans still favored Raw Shark more than Galahad. He was eventually killed off when he sacrificed himself fighting off hordes of Alien Squids at the end of Volume 4. Ironically, his death resulted in an interest in his character. He was planned to return, along with The Queen Squid, in Volume 5, but WatchmeX was cancelled before his return.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Galahad was a skilled fighter and an intellectual. He always had a wide variety of gadgets in his pack, such as laser swords and Tachyon grenades.