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Dr. Kremlin is a member of the October Guard and Dr. Manhattan's Soviet Counterpart. First appearing in WatchmeX during the "Red Star over New York" story arc, the character has gained popularity with fans of the series. He also appeared in the alternate universe story Red Sunrise, in a more fleshed-out and sympathetic characterization.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Dr. Kremlin was the most powerful member of the October Guard, with powers similar to Dr. Manhattan's. However, he lacked in intelligence, and was a careless and ineffective fighter, matching Manhattan in strength only. He was thought to have been killed in "Red Star over New York", but he really mistakenly teleported himself inside a block of ice under Adrian Veidt's Karnak. He eventually was thawed out when Ozymandias tried expand his base. He became a recurring villain for Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan. He was killed when Ozymandias Jr. used an experimental tachyon gun to blow him apart. Because he was stupid, it is unlikely that Dr. Kremlin knew how to reassemble himself, and therefore he has stayed dead.

God is RedEdit

Due to fan outcry, DC executives had considered doing a miniseries based on Dr. Kremlin, chronicling his life before he died. The series was to be called "God is Red", to draw attention to the possible danger of the super powered under Government Control.

However, WatchmeX was canceled before any work could be released. A handful of scripts by an anonymous writer and sketches by Rob Liefeld and Alex Ross have been leaked onto the Internet, and are easily accessible today.