The Cold War was the state of conflict, tension, and competition that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies from the mid-1940s to the mid-1980s. Throughout this period, rivalry between the two superpowers was expressed through military coalitions, propaganda, espionage, weapons development, industrial advances, and competitive technological development, which included the space race and creation of humans with special powers. Both superpowers engaged in costly defense spending, a massive conventional and nuclear arms race, and numerous proxy wars.

Vietnam WarEdit

The United States defeated the Communist Viet Cong in a matter of months thanks to the incredible powers of Dr. Manhattan. The victory was so absolute that Vietnam was granted statehood in the mid 80s.

October GuardEdit

The October Guard was the Soviet Union's response to the American Watchmen. Seeking to replicate the experiment that created the god-like Manhattan, they were able to create Dr. Kremlin, along with several other superhumans. The Guard became frequent antagonists to the Watchmen.

Squid Invasion and End of the Cold WarEdit

The attack of an alien squid in 1985 convinced the United States and Soviet Union to quit their pointless bickering and form an alliance to combat this grave threat. Little did they know that the "squid invasion" was really a ploy by the Watchman Ozymandias in an effort to create just such an alliance.

Though it appeared to the reader at the end of Watchmen that his plan was just a callous attempt at preventing potential nuclear holocaust, later editions of WatchmeX revealed that an empire of malevolant squids truly did exist in another dimension, and were intent on conquering Earth. Ozymandias discovered this dimension, and battled and killed an advance drone of the squid empire that had been sent to scout Earth. He cloned the dead body and sent the corpse back through time to his past self to drop on New York City, hoping to prepare humanity for the epic battle that was yet to come.