Captain Axis is an antagonist of the original Nite Owl, Hollis Mason.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Not much is revealed about the past of Captain Axis. All that is known about his origin is that he was a concentration camp commandant who somehow got into Hitler's inner circle. In 1942, he led an attempted invasion of New York but was stopped by The Minutemen. Whether or not Captain Axis lived to see the end of the war remains unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

An average level athlete, Captain Axis knows basic fighting techniques.


Being close to Hitler in command, Axis had access to almost all of the Third Reich's secret projects. His favorite was a cannon that fired artificial lightning bolts (Blitzkrieg Beams).

Other Captains AxisEdit

  • During Red Star Over New York, Proletariat mentions "the other Captain Axis."
  • In the trophy room of the headquarters of the Global Superhero Alliance, a case with the "costume of Captain Axis 2" is seen. It is unknown what relation, if any, these have with the original Nazi supervillain.