"Blight-owl" is the common nickname used to refer to Nite Owl II (Dan Dreiberg) from the Post-nuclear timeline. Unlike his mainline counterpart, Blight-Owl wears a gray and red "rad suit" with a full-face mask. He sometimes carries a machine gun.

Later in the arc, Blight-Owl perfects his old exo-skeleton, turning it into the Iron Owl Armor, and wears that for the remainder of the story.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

In 1993 a global thermonuclear exchange devastated much of the United States. Dan Dreiberg was locked in his timed fallout bunker for three months, listening as the world died screaming. When the bunker unlocked, Dan emerged wearing the heavy rad-suit ("Blight-Owl") he had been developing.

Blight-Owl was drafted into President Veidt's Night Watch. He participated in the Canadian Initiative, and killed the Alberta Clipper, though his suit was compromised in the process.

While recovering in a wheelchair, Blight-Owl used the Clipper's Watch-Belt to project himself backward in time, possessing the body of 13-year-old Bill Carn in 1985, and attempted to kill Adrian Veidt, whom he blamed for the world's eventual destruction. Seemingly successful, and with Carn's timeline irrevocably altered, Blight-Owl's timeline apparently ceased to exist.

Some time later, now fully recovered form his injuries, Blight-Owl learned how to use the belt to bodily travel through time.

Blight-Owl was eventually killed in a duel with an enraged Ozymandias Jr., but not before his belt was recovered by Eclipse Owl.