Acción mutante are a renegrade group of scientists specialising in the field of cloning and genetic tissue manipulation. They originally consisted of WW2 Nazis led by Heinrich Mengele, alleged illigitemate son of Josef Mengele, who fled to Brazil after the defeat of the Axis powers to continue his father's work. After establishing a base there and working in secret for many decades they were eventually joined by Russian defectors and associated mercenary scientists eager to ply their trade against the growing superhero threat and two main world superpowers, the US and USSR.

It took nearly 30 years to perfect cloning technology and by 1970 the scientists had fought a desperate race to counter America's now formidable power following their victory in Vietnam. However thanks to bad genetic stock and a rush to deliver results the first series of clones were hopeless failures, setting the project back decades.

By the late 80's Acción mutante had all but vanished, their top braintrust long dead. The remains were made up of Hispanic and local area scientists who elected to remain behind after the main complex was abandoned. Those heroes who were aware of the work still going on in South America deemed it non-threatening and rarely interfered. One hero who did take a vested interest however was noted Watchman, Adrian Veidt and it was speculated he began to work in secret alongside Acción Mutante in order to perfect his own cloning technology, the Hall of Souls.

Perhaps due to Veidt's genius the project began to yield unexpected results and a measure of success. They found by combining animal and cloned human DNA they had their first workable soldiers. The first being the monsterous Raw Shark.

Unfortunately, Raw Shark proved too aggressive and soon escaped, killing several scientists. Undaunted they continued their work and the second child born was named Russian Bear. He proved more malleable than Raw Shark and was successfully sent overseas to work alongside the newly formed October Guard.

It is unknown how many more animal/human hybrid clones were born as no further stories were written about the group. The cloning storyline was however continued in a new form in Volume 2 of WatchmeX that gained the unofficial title "The Clone Saga"